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Second times a charm. The project manager for the Baranoff Estate contacted us in late 2009. We learned that the cupola had previously been reproduced by another architectural copper work firm and rejected. Unfortunately the company made several changes to the design (Without consulting the homeowner) and the submitted project was returned by the home owner due to the fact that it did not look like the original, (The whole point of a reproduction) and an unfortunate law suite resulted. EJM assured the clients that we would not undertake the task if we could not faithfully reproduce the cupola to its original look. The only change EJM proposed was to modernize the frame by upgrading the original wood with stainless steel
No Image In December of 2009 artisans from EJMcopper, Inc. traveled to Cold Springs Harbor, New York to take measurements and photos of the original cupola in order to produce drawings for submittal and fabrication. When doing a detailed historic reproduction we like to have the original on hand to work from, but this customer did not want to let the 100+ year old original cupola leave the property. So we had to make sure we didnít miss any detail, no matter how small.
No Image The welded stainless steel tube frame starts to get copper and the new cupola begins to take shape.
No Image The detailed crown molding starts to take shape.
No Image The interior floor is built with inverse standing seams for strength and with a slight pitch to carry a snow load and/or shed any rain water that blows in.
No Image The octagonal bell shapped roof starts to get installed.
No Image With the addition of 88 individually hand fabricated and installed dentals, the fascia detail is complete.
No Image The detailed Ogee batons are fabricated and attached.
No Image A solid section of bar stock copper was hand ground on a 6" bench grinder to recreate the arrow point for the weather-vane at the top of the cupola. This is a good example of the level of talent that is involved in the fabrication of such a complex and unique project as the Baranoff Cupola.
No Image Completed, the cupola is loaded on a trailer and driven from our Orlando Florida workshop to the customer in New York.
No Image The cupola is craned into place, set on the prepared base, and permanently attached to its new home.
No Image The finishing touches are added and the Weather-vane is soldered into place making sure that North truely points North.
No Image The Finished Project. Baranoff Residence, Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island, New York, May 21st 2010.
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